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Mountains in Clouds

Be Part of Preserving Maharishi's
Body of Knowledge, History, and Legacy

Assistance • Submissions • Contributors

Join the collaborative effort of safeguarding Maharishi's complete body of knowledge and compiling the history of his work. There are three ways you can help: 

Assistance | Funding and Volunteers


MGAC is primarily supported by private donors. MGAC continues to receive historic materials, and there is an ongoing need to purchase archival materials like acid free boxes, poster sleeves, and architectural drawers. At the moment our projects are focusing on: 

  • Website development and maintenance

  • Duplicating thousands of documents for our ArchivEra online database

  • Supporting and staffing our physical Archive & Reading Room

  • Acquiring armored and shielded digital backup storage


Financial donations are tax deductible and deeply appreciated.  

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An MGAC Volunteer

Volunteering at MGAC's

MIU Depository


The constant stream of arriving collections requires enormous amounts of organizing, cataloging, preserving and publishing of historic media and documents. Those who can help are welcome and greatly appreciated in this inspiring, educational and deeply gratifying work. If you would like to help please contact:


Gail Crotta,

Submissions | Share Your Private Collections

If you have a private collection with rare or unique items, we encourage you to share it with the Archives and our users. Materials donated to MGAC will be professionally preserved, maintained, and appropriately shared. If you prefer to retain ownership of precious items, consider loaning them to MGAC so we can make high quality digital reproductions and then return them to you. We have already received a number of exceptional collections from Debby and Jerry Jarvis, the Verrill estate, Larry Domash, and others.


Contributors | Coming Together To Uphold Our History

Creating an online database of Maharishi's complete body of knowledge and history can only be achieved through the heartfelt cooperation among the many institutions, depositories, and research groups with materials from Maharishi's legacy. MGAC was designed to fulfill this deeply held desire of so many around the world. 

Click on a link below to see collection highlights from some of our contributors:

Maharishi International University

with a letter from university President Dr. John Hagelin

Snowy Mountains

Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation

with a letter from Kingsley and Leslie Brooks

brahmasthan 2.jpg


of India

with a letter from Harris, Arlene, and Lauren Kaplan

Donations | Help Support Something Beautiful 

$10 can mean the archival preservation of a handwritten letter by Maharishi. $4000 can mean electromagnetic shielding for our collection of reel-to-reel masters of Maharishi's earliest recorded lectures. Every amount makes a difference.
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