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MGAC Contributor
Maharishi International University
Fairfield, Iowa, USA

Welcome | From MIU President and Quantum Physicist, Dr. John Hagelin

Maharishi International University (MIU) was founded with the mission of integrating the Science of Creative Intelligence (SCI) and consciousness-based education into traditional academic disciplines. MIU has become the largest repository in the United States for curricula, video and audio recordings, and historical material related to Maharishi's teachings. MIU is happy to support the aims of MGAC to preserve and illuminate Maharishi’s body of knowledge and the opportunity to develop templates for the global digital repository that MGAC is pioneering. If you'd like to learn more about our university, feel free to visit

Thanks for stopping by,

John Hagelin

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Above: Video of Maharishi's visit to MIU in 1975.

Right: Maharishi and Jerry Jarvis with MIU students during Maharishi's 1975 visit.

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