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Here is an original application for the course and graduation certificate for Pete Ports. Many photos were supplied from the collection of Vince Ducynski. The graduation group certificate is courtesy of Christina Ports.

Catalina Island | Meditation Guide Courses

Maharishi held Meditation Guide courses around the world prior to holding Teacher Training. Two of the early Meditation Guide courses were held on Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles, California.

The document to the right is an announcement from Charlie Lutes that Maharishi will be holding a second Meditation Guide Course on Catalina Island. Maharishi had selected Charlie as the leader of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM) in the United States.  

Catalina 62#9.JPG

Maharishi with Charlie and Helen Lutes [lower right] on Catalina

Announcing the 1962 Catalina Meditation

This is a 1960s map of California, with Catalina Island at the bottom-center of the image. Maharishi and the course participants first took a bus to the docks on the mainland, and then a boat ride to the island.

Catalina 62.JPG
Catalina 61 boat.jpg
Catalina Island 1962 Boat Ride to Island
Catalina 1962.JPG
Catalina 62 #2.JPG
Catalina Island 1961.JPG

Maharishi arrives on Catalina for the first time.

Maharishi Begins Teaching

catalina island.JPG
Catalina #2.JPG

While on Catalina, Maharishi would join the course participants for meals, birthday celebrations, and walks on the beach and through the eucalyptus and palm forests. 

Nov-Dec 1961 Santa Catalina Island2.JPG
Nov-Dec 1961 Santa Catalina Island3.JPG
Catalina 62#4.JPG
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