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What is a Reading Room?

A Reading Room is a mix between an interactive art gallery and a study hall; it's a venue for an archive to share collections with the public and a place to ask an archivist questions.

Imagine walking into a gallery where highlights from an archive are on display. Previously unseen photos are on the walls, rare manuscripts are presented under glass, a screening room is playing special videos while an archivist sits at the main desk, happy to explain the exhibits and share insights. We have such an exhibition in MIU Library that is open for everyone to see.

This page is a virtual Reading Room for MGAC. We'll continue to update this site with recent additions to our collections. Take a look around and see what you like. 

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Galleries | Highlights From the Archive
These galleries are just a taste of what MGAC has to share. You can search the Archive to find more at any time.

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Delphi envelope front.jpg

Handwritten Letters from Maharishi

The letter featured here was written from Maharishi in Delphi, Greece to Charlie and Helen Lutes on November 1st, 1963.

Audio & Video Recordings

"The Master Speaks" is a vinyl record that was published in a handful of editions throughout the 1960s. Each album contains the same two tracks, but has different covers and liner notes. Side 1 is a track called "Love", which is Maharishi reading from his book "Love and God", to which a sitar was added after the fact. Side 2 is a lecture of Maharishi's called, "The Untapped Source of Power That Lies Within."

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The album Deep Meditation consists of two recordings. Side 1 is the title track, and was recorded at Guild Hall in Cambridge, England, on July 11, 1960. Side 2 is titled "Healing Powers of Deep Meditation", and was recorded on May 2, 1959, in California. 

In the early days of the Movement, Maharishi used the terms Deep Meditation and Transcendental Deep Meditation — he settled on Transcendental Meditation at the First Convention of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement in Sequoia National Park in 1959.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 1967 BBC Interview

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi 1967 BBC Interview

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JohnBon describes this video here
Click here to see a collection in our ArchivEra database of our favorite Maharishi videos, including:
  • John chooses six public videos
  • John chooses six public videos
  • John chooses six public videos
  • John chooses six public videos
  • John chooses six public videos
  • John chooses six public videos

Early Publications By & About Maharishi

Scroll down to see a flipbook of Enjoy magazine, published by the Spiritual Regeneration Movement of Canada, followed by Beacon Light Of the Himalayas.

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Looking for Other Early Publications?

Click here to go to see our entire public collection of early materials in ArchivEra, including:

​(By Maharishi)
  • Three Year Plan of the Spiritual Regeneration Movement   
  • The Divine Plan
  • The Vedas: Source of the Subtle Science
(About Maharishi)
  • Torch Divine pamphlets (1958–1960)
  • Five Year Plan for the Youth of Every Generation 
  • Spiritual Regeneration Movement Newsletters (1962–1967)

Maharishi's "Meditation Guide" Chart from Rishikesh, 1969

This chart is one of the first Total Knowledge charts Maharishi created, it is among my favorite items in the MGAC collection. 

It was created when Maharishi...


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