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The Archivist's Desk | We're Here To Help

Gail Crotta, John Boncheff, and Gaelen Armstrong along with our many volunteers and supporters are spearheading the effort to preserve and share Maharishi's work and teachings at MGAC. The Archivist's Desk is a place where you can interact with the people behind MGAC directly.


In addition to building MGAC’s collaborative online archive, we also operate the physical MIU Depository of MGAC in the library building on the MIU campus. We have a Reading Room on the main floor where we have rotating exhibitions on the display. If you're ever in Fairfield, Iowa, stop by and say hi. Or, if you're far away, feel free to use The Archivist's Desk online features below to request access to materials, learn how to get high quality copies, or for help and suggestions in setting up and sharing your own collections. 

Our Next Exhibition | MIU Golden Jubilee

Jubilee: September 2–6, 2021

Exhibition Dates: August 15 –December 31st, 2021

see a video from our inaugural exhibition below

Red and Blue Fireworks

Support Our Vision | Looking Forward

MGAC is always on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers and for funding to have our volunteers become staff. Once we have our staff and archival materials secured, MGAC's next goal will be to build and move to a permanent archive and showroom in Maharishi Vedic City. We can then ensure the proper housing of Maharishi's work in a fireproof, floodproof museum with everything tailored to the various climate control specifications needed for protecting our materials.

Request Forms and Copy Applications


Request Forms for copies of materials or items can be submitted for consideration by archive staff. Please give a thorough description of the purpose for which you are requesting the materials.

Many of the original documents in our archive are copyrighted. All items are subject to Fair Use guidelines. We're happy to share high quality digital copies in accord with the author's wishes.

Collaborating Groups

If you are associated with an archival or private collection of related material and would like help or access to our research on Record Grouping templates, policies and procedures for state-of-the-art preservation and online sharing please contact:

                    Gail Crotta (co-director, MGAC)


Copy Application and Access Request Form



                  First Name                                                Last Name


                                                                          (           )                                     

                   email                                                        phone


​                                                 address                                                     


          city               state/province          country                      zip code


Professional Affiliation (institution)                                                              


What materials you are looking for?


 Item 1.                                                                                                                


                     Fair Use Copy     Access to Originals


      Planned Use:                                                                                                


Item 2.                                                                                                                 


                     Fair Use Copy     Access to Originals


    Planned Use:                                                                                                 


Item 3.                                                                                                                


                     Fair Use Copy     Access to Originals


    Planned Use:                                                                                                


To insure preservation and security for irreplaceable original materials,

access to certain restricted works and items may only be conducted under direct

supervision of archive staff in accordance with the policies and procedures of

the MIU Depository of MGAC. Research by appropriate scholars is naturally

welcome and encouraged.

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