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Mountains in Clouds

MGAC Contributor
Brahmasthan of India
Bijauri, Madhya Pradesh, India

Welcome | From Harris, Arlene, and Lauren Kaplan

The Brahmastan of India was designated by Maharishi as the heart of Vedic Tradition in India.  It is also home to  more than 5,000 Maharishi Vedic Pandits, and we hold ongoing courses for others to join the pandits' peace creating ceremonies. Our collection of e-books below gives a flavor of what the Brahmastan has to offer.  The liveliness of the Vedic Tradition in the Brahmastan is in line with MGAC's mission for ensuring that everyone has access to the benefit of Maharishi's teachings. You can learn about available courses in the brahmastan by visiting our website. 

Best wishes, and thank you for your interest in MGAC and the Brahamastan,

Harris, Arlene, and Lauren

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